Building the Brokerage of the Future, Part 3: Vision

Building the Brokerage of the Future, Part 3: Vision

Building the Brokerage of the Future, Part 3: Vision 1707 2560 Andrew

Brokers must now contend with new and complex challenges, adapting to meet shifting demands from clients, markets, employees, and regulations. Vantage Executive Chairman Anthony Gruppo says, “Where I believe the industry has to evolve is to the ‘boardroom of the future’. Your meeting with the client doesn’t just have sales and service there. It has operations talking about how to deliver the best possible solution. It has finance asking how the client wants their bill to look and when they want it to come. When all those disciplines work together, there are no silos—just platforms of greatness.”

Integrating services across departments and cultivating talent from within your organization lead to a more efficient, effective, and forward-looking brokerage – and a better client experience.

Founder & CEO Alex Panlilio concludes that these insights come from his experience forging partnerships with brokers. “All of our advice on this isn’t really advice. It’s a representation of the type of partner we look for at Vantage—one who has this longer-term collaborative view in their organization—because the ability to add value organically is just as important as inorganic growth and acquisitions.”

The Vantage partnership provides economically aligned perpetuation for entrepreneurial firms:

  • De-risk and partially monetize your equity stake
  • Continue to share in your firm’s annual profits and future equity growth
  • Leverage our M&A expertise and capital to accelerate your growth through acquisitions
  • Maintain operating autonomy as a direct equity owner of your firm
  • Benefit from additional capital investments

Where is your brokerage headed? Who will help you get there? If you’re ready to see the future, visit our website and get in touch!