How Can P&C and EB Producers Work Together?

How Can P&C and EB Producers Work Together?

How Can P&C and EB Producers Work Together? 2560 1709 Andrew

Helping your property and casualty producers to work closely with your employee benefits producers offers a wide variety of advantages. In some agencies, these producers can be isolated or even competitive, when in reality they stand much more to gain from collaborating. Let’s take a look at the methods and advantages of building this framework.

Cross-selling is one of the simplest and most obvious advantages to P&C and EB producer collaboration. Many clients who have been happy with their property and casualty coverage might be inclined to obtain employee benefits through the same agency, or vice-versa. The leads are warm and the sales cycles tend to be shorter.

This leads to another advantage – customer service and the deepening of client relationships. When your agency has a fuller picture of the needs and priorities of your clients, and more of your team is in contact with them, you have more agency to meet (or exceed) their expectations.

Internally, when producers feel encouraged to work together, customer service tends to improve and employee morale goes with it. While commissions may go to only one or two people for a given sale, the agency as a whole thrives when any team member closes a deal. Offering a wider range of services to clients and showing them that your agency works in unison inspires confidence and pushes the conversation in a stronger direction. Instead of value-adds or afterthoughts, integrating service offerings early in the process will set expectations that your agency is prepared to deliver whatever the client needs, leading to bigger opportunities immediately or down the road.

Encouraging your producers to collaborate, especially across product lines, can open many doors for your agency. Ready to learn more? Get in touch!