How to Get Clients Interested in Risk Management

How to Get Clients Interested in Risk Management

How to Get Clients Interested in Risk Management 2560 1707 Andrew

Initiating or revising a risk management program can take time and effort – is it worth it? Helping your clients and prospects understand the value is essential to making it happen. Risk is more pervasive than ever in a world of cyber-attacks, hyper-litigation, complex regulatory requirements, and unstable financial institutions. Fear and uncertainty exist in abundance today. But risk management isn’t just about avoiding or controlling potential problems – it can also be a tool to improve morale, teambuilding, and communication. This can help to diversify your message so that it’s not all doom and gloom.

Reducing workplace injuries will be a big selling point for many clients and prospects. This can lower costs, reduce liability and litigation, and boost employee moral and an organization’s reputation. This is an easy win for manufacturers, restaurants, construction companies, and many others. But some businesses aren’t exposed to significant workplace injury risks. So it’s important to assess your clients’ pressure points and target those specifically.

Cyber risk affects us all – particularly businesses that store sensitive information. These clients could suffer immense legal and financial consequences for failing to protect their data, not to mention the damage to their reputation.

Human resources can present another area of vulnerability – hiring, termination, harassment, and other issues can create legal, financial, and reputation pain points for many organizations. How are HR staff trained to handle these and other challenges?

In a more positive light, risk management can help empower team members to better understand what problematic behaviors and infrastructure imperil them collectively and how they can improve these circumstances cooperatively. Communication, team-building, cross-training, and celebrating success can bolster morale, get more eyes on the lookout for potential issues, and foster a sense of trust and community within an organization.

Analyzing which pressure points will speak to your client or prospect is essential to sparking their interest in risk management services. Some will simply want to see how much money they can save, others will want to see the bigger picture, but either way, there’s a risk management solution to fit every organization.