The Vantage Story

Vantage was established in 2020 on the principle that when it comes to a decision as important as perpetuation, agency owners should have an alternative to the standard “full sale” option so common in the market today.  We developed the Vantage model to empower entrepreneurs to customize the structure, scale and timing of their long-term succession planning with a majority sale now while retaining a significant minority stake.  Vantage is effectively the “in between” option that allows agency owners to partially de-risk, retain autonomy, participate in future profits, grow through acquisitions and pave a path for their next generation of managers to become owners.

The Vantage mission is simple and straightforward: partner with entrepreneurs who want to stay in the game, support their growth, share the financial upside, promote their brand, preserve their culture and create true alignment with them and their teams for the long-term.

Our Ideal Partner

Is growth-oriented, entrepreneurial and still wants to win.

Seeks to de-risk while maintaining direct ownership and operating autonomy. 

Is a market leader in their sector, geography and product specialty.

Wants to create a path for senior managers to become eventual owners.

Has the resources and infrastructure to integrate acquisitions that will help them grow.