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Entrepreneurial Succession and Liquidity: Read Our Article in Leader’s Edge

Entrepreneurial Succession and Liquidity: Read Our Article in Leader’s Edge 1580 1053 Andrew

In a recent interview in Leader’s Edge Magazine, we discuss Vantage’s business model, value proposition, what we look for in potential agency partners, and our long-term plan in the insurance distribution market. You can read the article at the link below.

Succession is in the back of every entrepreneur’s mind. The right partner for us isn’t quitting tomorrow, but they also don’t want to wait until they’re 80 to start thinking about liquidity. We address entrepreneurial succession in a more directly-aligned way with a longer-term relationship that has a lot of built-in flexibility. Our partners:

  • Remain an active leader of their business, earning annual compensation to manage the business
  • Receive annual cash distributions in-line with their ownership percentage in the business
  • Benefit from long-term equity creation of the combined Vantage entity.

We supplement our partners’ ability to grow in and beyond their segment through origination, diligence, funding and integration of add-on acquisitions into their business.

A partnership with Vantage allows you to monetize a portion of your largest asset upfront but still retain personally meaningful and direct equity ownership in your own business and maintain operational autonomy with no change to your firm’s brand, staffing, processes/procedures and more importantly, your culture.

Read the article here!